Odoo React and Vue development

Using Odoo as a framework/middleware for your application

So, you have a business idea but you need a platform for implementing the backend and feed data to your mobile applications and also website.

Time to market is very important to outrun your competitors and you need it all as soon as possible with minimum budget. But you also need a stable technology stack with a large number of developers on the market. And most important, you need a scalable stack.

Odoo is the best option for your startup and business idea!

Using Odoo as a Framework

Using Odoo as a middleware for you new application or software project has several advantages that you should consider carefully

All the knowledge of thousands of functional analysts, clients and developers accumulated in an opensource platform.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Strong Open Foundations

Odoo is built on top of proven opensource technologies by very smart developers that have an extensive experience with functional business implementations across the glove.

Using Postgresql as it's database you can take existing methodologies for scaling using clustering, caching and load balancing. As a Python server implemented on top of the most stable and selected libraries in the community, you will be way ahead of the competition because you will save money and will unleash the accumulated knowledge of the top python experts in the world.

Modern Javascript Frameworks

Using Odoo as the backend you will be able to deploy and grow your server infrastructure with a minimum start cost.

We have experience with React JS, Vue JS and Quasar Framework and we can help you kick start your project with this effective technology stack. Build PWA (Progressive Web applications), SPA (Single Page Application) or SSR (Server Side Rendered) or even Electron Apps using Odoo as a framework

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Odoo localization modules allow you to take advantage of all the main localization features that Odoo has for the main languages and countries. Currency, taxes, language and small details like the thousands and decimal separator that are used in each language.

All the accumulated knowledge from 4,2 million users worldwide and a community of thousands of developers.

Chose your API REST / GraphQL

Odoo already has community modules that implement the base Rest full API or GraphQL. This allows your frontend development team to work as they are used to without having to understand the inner workings of the Odoo backend

Use your preferred frontend javascript libraries and just let Odoo run your backend and implement your business rules effortlessly. 

Odoo • Text and Image

Stability and Maturity

Odoo is a mature framework as it has been being used by over 4 million users worldwide and has proven usage of 15 years

Multi Currency

Odoo handles currencies seamlessly as it's prepared to be used in several countries and this is just part of what a ERP can do for you

Multi Language

Used all over the globe with several localisation packages for several countries Odoo will save you a huge amount of work if you plan to have a global reach

Web Ready and Scallable

Odoo is used for implementing websites and web is it's first language. You can count on having a scallability best practice and known methods and technologies